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Adult counseling services–CAWC

The Center for Adult Wellness and Counseling, Inc. provides services for adults and is accepting referrals.  We specialize in four areas described below.

Stress management

Life is challenging and at any moment, we can be thrown a hardball.   Stress causes feelings of  hopeless, a sense of being out of control, interrupts sleep, decreases the ability to cope, causes mood swings and  causes physical problems. Stress is inevitable, but suffering is not.

Our therapists use techniques, such as mindfulness  meditation, to help you manage the negative effects of stress.  Take our 8 week course and  recover from stress.  In addition to teaching you effective ways to cope, we’ll provide you with useful tools that you will help you for a lifetime.

Desperate young African woman pulling on her hair
Overwhelmed with stress


Marriage falling apart

Marriage Counseling 

All marriages suffer difficulties at some point. Affairs, conflicts, lack of sex and financial problems can cause couples to emotionally disconnect way before they physically separate. Divorce is an emotionally painful experience.   The toll it takes on a family is immeasurable.  Are you at  a point in your marriage  where you  love your spouse, but you’re not in love anymore? You don’t want to leave, but the frustration is growing . We help you get your marriage back on track.  Counseling will help with,  improve communication, increase  sexual desire and a sense of connectedness. We  don’t focus on conflicts rather, we guide you toward improving  the emotional attachment with your partner. When couples feel more connected, there’s more compassion and an increase in passion. Before you give up on your marriage, call us.


Pre-marital counseling

Marriage is serious business and no one enters it with the intention of failing.  Yet more than 50% of marriages in the United States end in divorce.   Being in love simply isn’t enough to sustain a healthy union.  You must put in the work and dig deep to make certain you know your partner and have worked through issues prior to saying–I do.

We help you to explore your values as individuals and as a couple.  You will increase your understanding of your childhood issues and how unexamined issues interfere   having a true emotional connection with your partner.    Uncover  your ‘love language’.  It will help you and your partner to get your needs met.

Before and after shot of 45 year old overweight woman standing over white.
Lose weight for good

Emotional Eating Recovery for women


Many people who are overweight,  have an emotional attachment to food.  Emotional eating is defined as–eating in response to an emotional state rather than true physical hunger.  Do you eat when  bored, sad, happy, lonely?  Do you feel out of control of your eating?  Does it cause you to feel depressed and ashamed?  You are an emotional eater.  This can be fixed.

Childhood trauma,  neglect, abandonment,  increase your risk of having an unhealthy attachment with food.   At some point in your life, you learned to comfort yourself with food, however, it’s not your fault.  Stop feeling ashamed and get ready to take control.

Here are the keys to getting healthier and losing weight:     detach eating from your emotions, finding healthier replacements, getting on a customized food plan, journaling, learning distress tolerance and being physically active are the keys to losing weight permanently.

We specialize in working with  women between the ages of 18-60 and who have  20 pounds or more to lose.   You will have a team that includes:  a dietitian, a mental health professional and health coach.   We are with you every step along the journey and celebrate each goal.

You will lose weight, gain control and get healthier.   No matter how much you currently weigh, we can help you in the journey to losing weight.

Get connected now.  Call 302-292-1334 x0 and ask for the intake coordinator.






















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