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But are you really okay? Mental Health checkup?



Are you feeling drained no matter how much rest you get? Do you go through the motions at work while telling yourself everything is fine? You might be grappling with more than just a tough week. Burnout could be sneaking up on you, and addressing it is crucial.

Burnout deceives people into believing they are merely stressed and tired. However, its dangers run deeper. If left unchecked for too long, burnout subtly creeps in, seizing your passion and draining your mental and physical health.

Unrelenting stress that remains unmanaged over time will cement burnout’s grip on you. It creates feelings of emptiness and detaches you from activities that once brought joy. Your motivation and passion dwindle to nothing.

You may not notice the early signs of burnout as it sets in—it begins with small things like working late to finish tasks or occasionally skipping workouts. Suddenly, all your energy to contribute at work or home vanishes.

Common Triggers

Common triggers such as lack of control and unclear expectations at work can intensify burnout symptoms. Feeling swamped by excessive responsibility without adequate support accelerates exhaustion. Nevertheless, kind individuals are always ready to lend an ear during difficult times—remember that support is within reach; nobody should battle this alone.

Check-in with yourself

Regular self-check-ins are essential for monitoring your mental state and detecting early signs of burnout. Frequently ask yourself how you’re feeling—this practice can help catch warning signals before they escalate.

Click here for more information on burnout. https://www.apa.org/

Although highly busy individuals may view burnout as inevitable, taking practical steps can prevent it from stealing their passion. Start with simple actions like using all your vacation days, setting clear work boundaries, and incorporating wellness practices such as breathwork during breaks. Prioritizing self-care is crucial for maintaining well-being.

Access a Free Mental Well-being Checkup in Less Than 30 Minutes: Take charge of how you manage your life. Burnout poses a subtle yet significant threat to both mental and physical health; it typically appears as stress and exhaustion that slowly chip away at your passion and motivation. Proactively address this by recognizing its early signs—persistent tiredness, diminished joy in once-loved activities, and an overall sense of detachment are key indicators to watch for. Begin by evaluating your work-life balance and noting any shifts in mood, eating patterns, or sleeping routines.

Remember that preventing burnout begins with small measures such as enforcing workplace boundaries, fully utilizing vacation time, and regularly engaging in wellness practices.

If you have an insurance plan in Delaware, the mental wellness checkup will not cost you anything. It is a benefit for anyone regardless of their age. We are currently conducting wellness assessments. Give us a call at 302-292-1334 x101. Let the care coordinator know that you’re calling for the wellness assessment. They will collect information, including your insurance plan and then a supervision will call you to conduct the assessment.  Don’t let shame stop you from prioritizing you.


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