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I’m excited to announce that The Center for Adult Wellness and Counseling, will open its doors July, 1, 2014. We’re busy conducting trainings and getting our expert consultants in place to start providing services.
This practice will provide to consumers, expert consultation, in the following areas:

Stress management and anxiety reduction
Emotional eating
Parent coaching
Sexual abuse recovery
Anger management
Divorce and co-parenting
Self-esteem improvement
Premarital counseling

The Change process

When people seek professional consultation, it’s because they are in need of change. They’re dealing with situations that might cause prolonged distress, confusion, and emotional upset. While we deeply respect therapy and believe it to be helpful in many situations, it’s not appropriate for every situation.

Our focus at CAWC, is not on diagnosing you. We will focus on life improvement and making positive, lasting changes.

CAWC staff are professional consultants, trained to help facilitate change and help people reach goals. We use specific protocols that have been researched with proven effectiveness.

Expected results–depending on the area of concern:

Feel more in control of life.
Improved family relationships
Better communication with between ex spouses
Greater job satisfaction
Improved sleep
Healthy, lasting weight loss
Overall happiness and satisfaction

We’re really excited to offer these services in our private offices or via a secure, private internet connection.

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