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Delaware schools embrace mental health needs of children

The Center for Child Development proudly partners with many schools in Delaware to provide mental health services. Children and families are suffering and so it makes sense to provide therapy where children spend most of their day.

Do children really have problems?
No, children don’t have problems. However, children are affected by the things that go on around them. Many of the struggles we see in children occur because of over-exposure to stressful and sometimes traumatic events. Chronic stress and trauma literally change the brain causing emotional, behavioral and physical problems. Please visit www.developingchild.harvard.edu for extensive research on the developing mind and how stress causes many chronic disorders.
Genetics play a huge role in behavioral and emotional struggles in children as well. If there is a family history of depression, anxiety, ADHD, autism spectrum, etc., it puts a child at risk for having one of these. Again, it’s not the child’s fault as we have no choice in how are genes get expressed.
These issues will almost always play themselves out in the school setting. School can be challenging but particularly so if a child is struggling with untreated mental and emotional problems.

Schools are for learning and not other services.
This is true. The primary objective of the school is to educate. However, if a child is unfocused because of anxiety, ADHD, depression, worry, learning is going to be interrupted. If a child has behavior problems, the learning process is disrupted, not only for that kid but others as well. It’s better to help a child to learn how to cope, improve their ability to express themselves appropriately, and decrease the negative behaviors. This is beneficial for everyone. No one would ever argue against a school nurse being in schools. Why not mental health professionals?

Can therapy produce results when conducted in schools?

Yes. In fact, we find that treatment is more effective. Therapists can observe the troublesome problems, stop them in their tracks and help a child learn to replace negative behaviors with more appropriate ones. We’re also able to work with teachers, help them to implement effective interventions to avoid frequent disciplinary actions. We also strongly encourage parents to participate in the school counseling.

What about school counselors? Are therapists replacing them?

No way. We work closely with school counselors who often identify that a child needs more intensive services than they can provide. We work closely with all of the school staff to help children be their best.

Schools have enough financial pressures so why should they pay for children to get therapy?
We bill children’s health insurance companies. Our services cost the school nothing.

What schools have these services?
If your school is not on the list, let us know and we will be happy to speak with the administration.

All Appoquinimick schools
All Capital School District Elementary schools
East Side Charter
Family Foundations
Gateway Charter
Great Oaks
Jennie C. Smith
Mt. Pleasant Elementary
New Castle County Head Start
Newark Day Nursery
North Star
Serviam Academy
Wilmington Head Start

It’s effortless to get connected with a therapist at your child’s school. Call the school counselor for the paperwork or if you’d like to get started before school begins, call our office. 302-292-1334 Extention 0

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