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Divorced, separated or co-parenting? Your children want you to know a few things.

Any time a family faces a major transition, children are almost always impacted.  Divorce and parental separation are especially tough on children almost regardless of the age.  Most parents want to mitigate the negative effects of a marriage gone bad, on their children.  We get it and will try to help you in the process.   We’ve compiled a list of tips that are drawn from our experience of working with children who come from families where there is marital strife.  We are making this free download available to you.    Simply click the link below and download a list of ways you can protect your child from the negative impact of divorce and separation.   You shouldn’t feel guilty about making the decision to end a bad marriage, but make sure you’re attending to the needs of your children.

Here’s the link to the download  Click right here

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