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FAQ’s Summer Therapy Academies




We strive to make a difference in the lives of children and families.  We’re constantly coming up with creative ideas to help parents and children to live their best lives.   Summer Therapy Academy is just one of those initiatives.


How long are the academies?

 The academies will run for 3 hours two times a week. Some will meet in the morning from 9-noon and others in the afternoon from 3-6pm.  Most academies will run for four weeks

Will my insurance pay for the academy? 

We don’t think so.  Most insurance companies won’t pay for 3 hours of service.  If you’re unsure, call and ask.  It can’t hurt.

Who can attend the academies?

We have academies for children ages 8-16 years old.  The children will be grouped according to age within each academy.

Where are the academies held?

They will be held in our conference rooms at the Newark office. 

Is transportation included?

No parents are responsible for transporting children to and from the academy.

What’s the cost?

The cost of the academy ranges from $250-300.00 (a one-time fee) depending on which one you choose.   Remember that your child will be receiving intensive services along with opportunities to learn skills to improve their lives forever.  Summer camp is super expensive and a great option for some children.  However, we recognize that not all children want or need summer camp.  We’re offering an alternative.      

Can I make installment payments? 

Of course.  However, the total amount must be paid before the academy starts.  We accept credit cards, checks, cash and be sure to check with your health savings account to see if you can be reimbursed for the cost. 

What’s  included in the cost?

Depending on the academy, your child will receive any or all of the below:

Individual sessions/coaching

group sessions


A Fit bit

Arts and crafts



Parent sessions


Who’s facilitating the academies?

All academies are staffed by master’s level mental health professionals who are skilled in working with children.  Most of our therapists are Ivy League educated and one has a Doctorate.  We also have professional dieticians to consult with children and families to help improve eating habits and get healthier.   We’re all trained to use clinical interventions that really help children.

Can I sign my child up for more than one academy?

Of course so long as there are no time conflicts.  You will have to pay for the cost of each academy though.

What if the dates don’t work for my family?

Call us! Once we know how many children are signing up, we might open additional academies.

How do I register my child?

You can call us (see numbers below) or complete this registration form  at Summer Therapy Academy and fax back to us at:

 Fax number: 1866-686-8038

Office number:     302-292-1334

Weight management Academy

Lisa Savage, LCSW  ext 1

Beat your anxiety and ADHD academies

Rebecca Roebke, LCSWX 705


Strong Girls Academy/ Middle and High School Transition

Dr Kietra Winn  x704

Jasmine Wynn, LCSW x700


Behavior Management Academy

LaVante’ Dorsey, LCSW  X 700


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