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Group forming for young kids with anxiety.

Anxiety Free Kids-3

Anxiety in adults is awful. Imagine being a young child who is often nervous and unsure of why they’re feeling certain emotions. Anxiety in children looks different than it does in adults. Children who are nervous tend to be difficult to soothe, aggressive, have problems sitting still and paying attention. Sometimes these kids get diagnosed with ADHD when in reality, they have anxiety.
We can help your child to learn how to calm down, identify triggers, feel more confident and perhaps do things they often avoid because of uncomfortable feelings.

If you’re concerned about your child, call us and speak with Shannon Tarolli or Jen Meehan. They will be facilitating a group for young kids who have anxiety. The first session is September 18 and will run for 8 weeks. Call today and discuss the needs of your child. We can help. 302-292-1334 x 101

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