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Group sessions praised for helping in childhood obesity studies

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Childhood obesity has been a major problem for youth in the United States. And it is getting more recognition on a global scale. Studies done in Australia provided evidence that when children meet with specialists in groups of up to 10 that their sessions are more effective. Some of the benefits include peer support, more accountability, and more streamlined services.

Patients in the study reported that they didn’t feel as alone in their struggle. And one participant described being more motivated because he felt like he was a part of a team and didn’t want to let down the group.

Group weight loss journeys are more popular because of TV shows such as The Biggest Loser. These shows demonstrate some of the many ways that weight loss can be more emotionally healthy if done in a group setting. Children need to feel as though they are not alone and need to feel supported by their peers.

The American Psychological Association recently stated that weight loss is most effective when done with the help of social support. It mentions everything from work-out buddies to informal commercial groups (such as Weight Watchers) to clinic-based groups to behavior modification groups. The message is clear: groups help with weight loss.

A quick search of the internet will turn up many results for web-sites offering online support or virtual weight-loss buddies. There is a demand for support. And those in need are desperate to find it.

The Center for Child Development has launched it’s Healthy Child Program.  Its overarching aim is healthier youth, boost self-confidence and decrease health risks associated with being over-weight.

Help your child get healthier today. Call 302-292-1334 x0 to find out how you and your family can get involved.


Brodie Hughes

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