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GROWS Group for Girls

Grows Girl Group–Girls Reaching Out With Strength!


We know that some girls go through stages where they don’t feel good about themselves. They don’t feel pretty enough; they are overly critical of their weight, struggle with trying to fit in. They might struggle to make good friends or choose friends who have different values than them causing them to make bad decisions. The teen years can also put a strain on relationships with parents.

GROWS Group can help and here’s how:
1. Help girls to recognize their strengths
2. Teach them how to define what’s important to them and select friends.
3. Help them feel confident to say no to things that can potentially harm them.
4. Teach coping skills for dealing with stress, anxiety, or depression.

Tuesdays 6-7:30pm for girls 10-13
Wednesdays 6-7:30 pm for girls 14-17

We’ll feed them, too!
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