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Healthy Child Program–Nurse Consultant

2016-03-29 19.47.38

Jessica Savage will be joining the Healthy Child Program as a nurse consultant. She will be available to meet with parents and children to provide education about weight management, weight related health conditions and coordinate improved health with primary care physicians.

Ms. Savage is on a mission to help create positive health outcomes among vulnerable and underserved populations utilizing strategies involving innovation and self empowerment. Trained as an advanced practice Public Health Nurse at Johns Hopkins University, she has a background in advocacy, health promotion, leadership, and program planning. Her interest in helping at risk populations has led her to work on numerous projects involving older adults, children with Cystic Fibrosis, and individuals with HIV. Ms. Savage brings a wealth of experience working to help children and adults achieve optimal health. Jessica received her Bachelor of Science in Public Health at Temple University, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing at the University of Pennsylvania, and a Masters in Public Health Nursing at Johns Hopkins University.

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