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Meet our new therapist who specializes in issues affecting women.


Announcing a new addition to the team at CCD–Ms. Marcella Martin, MSW. Ms. Martin has provided counseling services for several years. She works with women are finding themselves feeling stuck. It’s not uncommon to reach middle-age and begin to question choices, decisions, and desire to create change. If you find yourself feeling stuck, wanting to make a change but no real idea of where to start, it might be time to call Marcella. Whether it’s an unhealthy or unhappy relationship, job dissatisfaction, or needing clarity on –what’s next in your life, she can help guide you toward finally prioritizing yourself.

Ms. Martin’s other area of speciality is working with people newly diagnosed with chronic health conditions–diabetes, high blood pressure or other disorders. It can be a difficult and isolating time when handed such news but it often doesn’t mean the end of the world. Marcella can help you come to terms, learn how to adjust your lifestyle, but also recognize that life can go on in so many positive directions.

For an appointment with Marcella or another therapist, call us today. Let’s work together to change your life and end the stigma of getting help. It’s in your hands as you get to determine the story for your life.
302-292-1334 x101

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