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Our Vision


The Center for Child Development (CCD) was founded by Lisa R. Savage in April 2007 and has grown to provide services to Delawareans across New Castle, Kent, and Sussex counties. In addition to providing individual, family, and couples counseling services to those in need, CCD has partnered with over 90 Delaware public, private, vocational, and charter schools across the state to provide in-school services to Delaware’s students. CCD is also the mental health consultant to New Castle County Head Start, Wilmington Head Start, and Delaware Adolescent Program.

Our Guiding Principles

CCD’s mission is to provide the highest quality mental health services to those in need, to expand awareness and access to mental health resources in the state of Delaware, and to support and equip Delaware’s schools with the resources they need to provide for the mental health needs of Delaware students. In addition, CCD is committed to empowering our wider community, including individuals and families, by providing a wide range of therapeutic and support services utilizing the latest treatment modalities. At our foundation, CCD supports the emotional, physical, and mental wellbeing of those in need and encourages everyone to reach for their best self and their fullest potential.

Commitment to Quality

We are dedicated to training our staff in the latest treatment modalities and to ensuring they are equipped to treat mental health disorders across the spectrum. Our staff’s top priority will always be the needs of our clients and we are all dedicated to providing the most therapeutic services to those who come to CCD. 

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