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Parent-Child Interaction therapy will turn your young child into a listening machine

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PCIT stands for Parent-Child Interaction Therapy. As the name indicates, this form of therapy is specifically aimed at helping parents and young children to interact in order to treat behavior and emotional problems including, Oppositional Disorder, anxiety, ADHD and Conduct Disorder. PCIT has been proven to be an effective form of treatment for ages 2-7. The sessions come in two parts, Child-directed interaction (CDI) and Parent-directed interaction (PDI). Both phases are intended to enhance the parent-child relationship, help with discipline, and enhance communication. Because PCIT is effective with such a young age group, the therapy sessions are frequently centered on play. A therapist observes and guides your session through the use of a one-way mirror and an earpiece. Then homework assignments are given that should be practiced at home with both the parent and child. The training to become certified in PCIT is extensive. Center for Child Development is proud to offer four trained therapists who are currently accepting new PCIT clients. Check out the following link and video for more information on PCIT, and then give us a call at 302-292-1334 for more information or to schedule your appointment!
PCIT demonstration



B.Hughes, graduate intern

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