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Prioritizing Mental Well-being: Online Wellness Assessments for residents of Delaware.




A staggering 83% of workers in the United States report experiencing work-related stress, with a quarter of them identifying their job as the primary source. This crisis takes a toll both personally and professionally. Despite these challenges, many struggle to prioritize self-care and mental wellness amidst busy schedules.https://www.stress.org/workplace-stress

Workplace stress has been reported to cause 120,000 deaths in the US each year. This is a problem and we are offering assistance.

Read more here https://www.osha.gov/workplace-stress

Recognizing this crisis, we have developed a convenient solution – a free, confidential online wellness evaluation requiring just 10 minutes of your time. This assessment, accessible anytime, anywhere, serves as a vital first step in taking control of your mental health.

Key Benefits

– Complete a quick online assessment identifying areas like anxiety, depression and trauma

– Receive custom recommendations from our licensed mental health experts tailored to your needs

– Take proactive steps to reduce stress and strengthen your resilience

– Join a caring community working to dismantle mental health stigma

Personalized Support

Upon completing the assessment, our compassionate team analyzes your confidential results and provides targeted tips to start improving your mental wellness right away. Our insights make it easier to access additional resources if you wish to explore further.

Your Privacy Comes First

We adhere to strict protocols and practices to protect your personal information. While these assessments are not medical diagnoses, rest assured your confidential participation makes an impact.

Despite growing awareness, studies show 50% of employees still avoid seeking mental health care due to stigma.

We are grateful for the insight of Delaware’s legislators, who have acknowledged the growing need for mental health care. Thanks to recent legislative advancements, insurance companies are now required to cover the cost of an annual wellness check for any insured resident of Delaware, ensuring you incur no personal expense. It is important to note, this assessment does not result in a mental health diagnosis but is a proactive measure for those interested. This opportunity is exclusive to Delaware residents with local insurance coverage.

We encourage you to invest in your mental wellness by starting the simple 10-minute assessment here. Our team eagerly supports your health journey.


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