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If we really care about children


If we really care about children, we must be intentional about how we support their development on every level. Healthy and thriving adults don’t happen. It starts in childhood. Children need to feel protected, and have at least one consistent, nurturing adult. Furthermore, they need to be heard. Often times, children let us know they’re in need and sometimes it’s not in the most socially acceptable ways. They throw tantrums, are irritable, and generally disagreeable. Other times, they’re sullen, anxious, and inattentive. The world can sometimes be an unpredictable and scary place. If we care about children, we figure out ways to help them navigate life’s challenges. Over the years, CCD has expanded its school-based mental health services. We believe we’re part of the equation in assisting., children to achieve optimal wellness and development. Mental health is a critical component of lifelong success. If it is ignored in childhood, it will always impact a person later in life. More schools are embracing this concept. Others are slow to follow. We get it. We understand the stigma around mental health remains an issue. The overarching objective of CCD is to push back on the stigma and normalize getting help. If we care about kids, we cannot afford to be a part of the problem. We hope that more schools will commit to a more holistic model of nurturing the needs of children in Delaware. Children and families deserve easy access to supportive services that “meet them where they are.” CCD is leading the way in school-based mental, and we hope other schools will partner with us in doing so.
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