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Summer groups for children and adults

group1We’re excited to announce that CCD and Center for Adult Wellness and Counseling will be offering various groups for the summer.
Here’s a brief description of the group:

Anger management for children ages 7-18. Groups will be formed based on age. They will start June 24 and run for six weeks on Tuesdays.

The objectives of this group are:
*Understand anger triggers
*Decrease emotional outbursts
*Learn how to appropriately express anger
*Improve family and peer relationships

Fostering emotional literacy in children

Research has recently indicated that the most powerful predictor of
success is emotional literacy. Children with emotional literacy perform better
in school, get into fewer fights, cope with negative feelings in more positive
ways, and are overall happier.

Group therapy will focus on defining emotional literacy and teaching emotional
literacy through various activities. Group will meet 1x a week on Tuesday evenings and last for six weeks
Group objectives:
*Define emotional literacy
*Identify factors that impact ability to understand emotions in ourselves and
*Increase positive coping skills in response to negative emotions (anger sadness
*Decrease problematic behaviors
*Increase social skills

Grief, loss and abandonment for children and adolescents
*Understand grief
*Identify coping skills to work through feelings that accompany grief
*Prevent depression, anxiety, isolation and maladaptive behaviors
*Develop effective ways to express negative emotions
*Increase ability to accept loss

Groups for Adults–This group will be offered in person as well as online

Parenting difficult children: ways to manage behavior issues in
children ages 2-7. A group for adults raising children.
*Increase knowledge regarding child development
*Develop strategies in working with difficult behaviors, including defiance and
*Foster positive relationship between caregiver and child
*Learn to increase compliance in your child
*Develop effective discipline strategies

Grandparents as parents Offered in the office as well as online
*Identify challenges related to parenting grandchildren
*Develop positive coping strategies
*Strengthen self-esteem
*Release negative feelings
*Decrease sense of isolation through supportive environment

We’ve already received a tremendous positive response to the group offerings. Please sign up now to secure a slot for you or your child. Simply call the office and ask for Rebecca Roebke, LCSW or Lisa Savage, LCSW. 302-292-1334

Alternatively, you may email for a prompt response.


Please note that your insurance might not reimburse for participation in the groups. Please discuss the rates when you call to register. We’ll be glad to help you through the process.

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