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Are you familiar with the provision of mental health services via the internet?  It’s becoming a growing demand to meet the needs of  people who live in underserved areas to get the services they need without having to travel far.   It will also provide a level of convenience for busy families.

Additionally, it provides ease and  increase flexibility in being able to see your therapist and you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home.  Highmark of Delaware will be allowing mental health professionals to provide services via the internet effective January 1, 2015.  This means you’ll be able to get therapy over the internet.   CCD has purchased secure, HIPPA compliant software to provide services in this way.   All you need is an internet connection.  We’ll still bill your insurance company for the services and you will still be responsible for any copay or deductible, but you can ‘meet’ your therapist from your home, office at a time that’s convenient for the both of you.

Don’t worry, we will continue to provide services in our offices and schools.  This will not change.

We’re excited about this.  It means that parents will be able to participate in counseling, even if they don’t have transportation to the office or work odd hours.   If you live in lower Delaware or even Maryland, you will be able to see a therapist from home.  It’s pretty exciting.

Lisa R. Savage, LCSW, practice owner is being trained on how to assure that the level of services we provide via the internet are of the same quality as those provided in the office.  She is participating in a certification program and will subsequently train all of CCD’s therapists.

Check back or call Ms. Savage at the office for more information.

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