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The Delaware Center for Adult Wellness and Counseling, Inc.

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The Delaware Center for Adult Wellness and Counseling is now open. It has two conveniently located offices in Northern and Central Delaware. We’re also capable of ‘meeting’ you online using a secure, private connection.

We’re an interdisciplinary team of health and wellness professionals whose focus is on helping adults to better manage their lives and choices, in order to optimize health and mental well-being. Using evidence based tools, we will teach and guide clients in making better and more informed choices for their lives. Our objective is to empower clients who might be facing obstacles that impede with living and enjoying life fully.

Our experts are trained in the following areas: mental health, mindfulness, stress management, emotional eating, sexual abuse healing, parent coaching, anger management, nutrition, self-esteem, adult ADHD, and others. After completing an assessment that defines strengths, needs and obstacles, the client will receive feedback that includes suggestions, as well as given specific tools for change. The professional is more of a guide to change, rather than the change agent.

Clients are welcome to participate as individuals, couples or in group sessions. During the assessment phase, the best modality will be discussed and recommendations made. In order to optimize goal achievement, professionals will also be available to conduct sessions via the internet over a secure connection. This is ideal for people whose lives make it challenging to get to the office locations. Your professional will discuss how this works during the assessment phase.

Clients will be taught skills, given assignments to complete at home and provided the opportunity for positive feedback and guidance from the professional they are working with. This is a very goal directed approach to change and does not focus on diagnosis or labeling.

Clients can choose to participate in a one session assessment or purchase a block of sessions to work on a goal(s). They can also choose to work on simultaneous goals with multiple professionals. For example, a client with emotional eating might decide to work on nutritional goals as well as behavioral goals. The center will emphasize the importance of staying focused and in most instances, progress should be expected within 8-10 visits. If that doesn’t occur, the professional will make recommendations for re-assessing the desired goal.

These services are not covered by your health insurance, but are affordable. You might be able to get reimbursement through your insurance for some of the services or use your health savings account to pay for services. Often, people let money be an obstacle in attaining happiness and living fully. I can assure you that the money you invest in yourself will pay off with huge dividends. You’re likely to find greater satisfaction with yourself, your relationships and your career, by making an investment to reach your goals. Getting the confidence to make meaningful changes in your life is priceless and should be one we’re all committed to doing. You’ll find that making changes in one area, will activate positive changes in other areas of your life.

Please stay tuned for more information. We will update on this blog.

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