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Wanda Miller, MSW

Wanda Miller, MSW joined the team at CCD a month ago and we’re thrilled she’s here.  Wanda has a wealth of experience, but mostly a passion for working with adolescents who struggle with depression.   She helps them to take control of their lives, create an action plan for feeling better, and learn how to cope with their feelings.  Parents sometimes feel helpless when it comes to dealing with their teen who is struggling.  It’s not easy and sometimes there is guilt.  No need to blame yourself, seek help for your child and perhaps for yourself. If your child is extra irritable, not concentrating well, school performance has decreased, or they’ve lost the desire to do things they previously enjoyed, consider it could be depression. Teens think about suicide more often and won’t necessarily tell their parents.  We can help.  If treated soon, it can help to prevent problems down the road.   Call the main office for an appointment with Ms. Miller. 302-292-1334 x 100 for your child or yourself.  We never have a wait list and often appointments can be scheduled within the same week of calling.

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