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We have a lot going on this summer

There’s a flurry of activity happening at CCD and we want to make sure you’re in the know! Make sure to click the tab–Summer @CCD to find out about our groups and sessions for parents.

We just opened another girls group!bigstock-diversity-race-ethnicity-and-206226709.jpg

Empowering Teens to become their best selves
Girls Talk Teen Group
Ages 13-17 June 18 thru Aug 13

Girls Talk Teen Group is designed to give you a safe place to talk about all the things teen girls struggle with in silence.
You are not alone. Learn how to self-reflect​ and become the best version of your self.

Learn how to use “I” statements to take personal ownership for your own feelings and thoughts
Become more confident
Learn conflict resolutions skills
Learn problem​-solving​ skills
Emotional Regulation Skills
Relaxation Skills to address anxiety and depression
Increase self-esteem
Use Strength base techniques to empower
Learn Life Skills and Goal Setting

Please call Shea Marriott at 302.292.1334 x 706 to get your girl enrolled.

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