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CCD has provided services to thousands of families over the past ten years. We strive to offer all of our clients the best experience from the initial phone call through the therapy process. We don’t always get it right, but we sure do care about your opinions. As we grow, we are fine-tuning procedures and processes. We are learning what works and where our weak spots are. I want to share with you how things work at CCD and what you can expect.


If your child is referred to CCD by their school—

  • You complete the paperwork and return it to us via email or fax 866-230-6434
  • Our care coordinator checks the insurance coverage to make sure we know what your insurance covers and what your financial responsibility is based on your plan.
  • A supervisor reviews the concerns you express for your child and then assigns the best fit at the school.
  • Once the therapist has the information, they will reach out to you. If they don’t reach you on the first attempt, they will proceed with introducing themselves to your child but will make sure to connect with you before the next appointment.
  • Periodically, the therapist should reach out to you to discuss progress or obstacles. You may contact the therapist at any point in the process.
  • We return all phone calls and emails within 24 to 48  hours or sooner if there is a true crisis.
  • All CCD therapists have a supervisor. If you feel like your concerns reach a certain level, please call the office and ask for the therapist’s supervisor.
  • If you have a complaint or compliment, you may reach out to me, the director via email (Lisa@thecenterforchilddevelopment.com) or via phone 302-292-1334 x101. I respond to all emails and phone calls.

If you or your child is seen in our office–

  • Your initial call will be with a client care coordinator. That person will collect demographic information that includes your insurance. If you have access to an email, the care coordinator will send you paperwork through our secure client portal. You can complete and return that way or bring it to your initial appointment. They will verify your benefits and then give the info to our onsite supervisor.
  • The assigned therapist will call you within 24 to 48  hours to get you scheduled. In most instances, therapists are able to schedule you within a week. If it is an urgent concern, you can be scheduled sooner.
  • Upon arriving at the office you can sign in on the Ipad in the waiting room. One of the care coordinators will make sure that all necessary paperwork has been completed.
  • The frequency of therapy will depend on what you and your therapist determine is best.
  • As indicated above, I’m happy to address any concerns or feedback you might have if you reach out.


We appreciate you trusting us with your care. Your family matters to us!

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