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We’re opening an office in Baltimore, Maryland

CCD is excited to announce that we will be offering services in Baltimore, Maryland starting in November 2015. We will be in the Bolton Hill section of the city. Therapy services will be limited to Parent-Child Interaction therapy (PCIT) for now. PCIT is an evidence based and highly effective modality for children ages 2-7 years old. Children with the following concerns are the best candidates for PCIT–emotional regulation problems, aggressive behavior, listening challenges, attachment difficulties, attention deficit disorder and anger.
PCIT is a specialized play therapy that has two components. The first is Child Directed interaction. This is where we work to increase the child’s listening skills, increase attentiveness, help improve self-esteem. Often times the child’s behavior improves during this phase because the parent learns how to interact with the child to improve compliance. The second phase is called Parent Directed interaction. During this phase the parent learns effective disciplining techniques. Parents are taught how to give effective commands so the child listens and how to use a specialized time-out in order to eliminate troublesome behaviors. The therapist teaches the parent(s) the skills and during the play, coaches the parents in using the skills. PCIT is highly effective and often results are seen within 10-12 sessions. PCIT can be conducted in the therapist’s office or over the internet using a secure private connection. For inquires on services in Baltimore, please call Lisa Savage, LCSW @ 1866-639-1505.

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