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What are the key ingredients to raising a happy and emotionally healthy child? We bet you’re already doing most of these.

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The majority of parents want to do everything in their power to assure the health and happiness of their children. We find that parents are self-critical and question their every decision. There is a constant barrage of advice and opinions on what you should do to raise your children.

The Center for Child Development has helped thousands of families over the years.  Many of them are doing the best they can, and when they learn skills, they are happy to apply them to enhance their parenting.

Here’s what we’ve learned over the past several years that contribute to the health and emotional well-being of kids!

  1. Children need to feel safe.  They need to know that their parents will protect them from hurt and harm.
  2. They need emotional nurturance.  That means love, physical affection and to be told that they are loved.
  3. It’s vital that children have healthy foods to eat.  Food is the fuel for our body and mind.  It also helps us to feel taken care of.
  4. Play!  Allow children to play because it enhances their creativity, self-reliance, and stimulates the mind.
  5.  Boundaries.  No one likes limits, but they are essential in helping children to feel safe.  Children will balk at rules, but if you don’t have any, they will wonder if you really care.
  6. Make sure that your children get a good education.  Be involved in their school and set reasonable expectations for performance.
  7. It’s crucial for you to be flexible. Rigidity makes kids rebel and fosters anger.
  8. Listen to your child. It helps with self-esteem and the feeling of being accepted.
  9. Emotional literacy–this refers to the ability to understand, process, and express their emotions.   This is a skill that can be taught and learned if it doesn’t come naturally.
  10. Acceptance.  Your child won’t be perfect and will make decisions that you don’t always agree with, however, they need to know that overall, you accept and love them for who they are!

We know parenting can be hard especially if you or your child is facing unique challenges. Parents you don’t have to be perfect, and even if you make a mistake, there’s always tomorrow to get it right.  If you or your child feel overwhelmed, sad, anxious or that you’re falling apart, we’re always here for you.  Give us a call.  You’ll be connected with a therapist who will work with you and your family to get things back on track.  You deserve to be happy and healthy, too.

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