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What I’ve been up to!

Yes, yes, I know I’ve been quiet lately! However, it’s not because I’ve been idle. I’m working on many new ventures and am excited as things progress nicely.
I’m excited to announce my very first webinar. It’s targeted to parents who want to learn proven strategies to help reduce negative behaviors in their child. Click this link Parent Child Interaction Share with family and friends who have young children displaying behavior problems. It’s totally free. Parents can join our online communitySOW We welcome new members so join us or send other women our way.

I’m not finished! Over the years, I’ve worked successfully to help people conquer disordered relationships with food. As an emotional eater, I’m quite familiar with the dynamic of this eating problem. I’ve formed an online support community that will also offer one on one and group interactions. Click here to check us out and refer others:
Mind Over Food

In a previous post, I discussed our efforts to reduce bullying by building healthy self-esteem in children. We’ve started and it’s been awesome. Last month one of our therapists conducted a group session with 13 high schoolers-shout out to William Penn High School in New Castle, De. The kids were amazing and loved it!
You can check us out and refer parents to THE YOU’RE COOL2 PROJECT.

We’re changing lives and extending our reach.

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