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Why we’re remaining closed after the shelter in place has been lifted


First, let me ask how you’re all doing? Collectively, we’ve been through a difficult patch.  For some, the difficulties will persist long after the state reopens its economy.  Businesses and schools are scrambling to figure out what the new standard will mean and how to keep people safe.   We’re grappling with the same concerns.

Since schools closed mid-March, like most healthcare professionals, we are operating virtually.  It has gone well.  While we love meeting with clients face to face, virtual sessions have allowed us to continue to provide services and stay connected.  Studies have shown that tele-mental health can be as effective as in-person services.  We have given lots of thought to what reopening our offices would look like and what that would mean. We’ve spoken with experts, conducted risk analyses, and examined how to transform the office to follow social distance guidelines.  After completing these steps, we have concluded that keeping our offices closed to in-person sessions makes sense.

  • We cannot arrange our offices to maintain 6 feet of distance.
  • Our waiting room is too small, meaning people would be sitting too close to each other.
  • We see a lot of children for play therapy.It’s not practical to clean the playrooms after each session.
  • We have some employees who are in the vulnerable population.
  • Delaware law has mandated wearing masks, which would be challenging for us to conduct sessions effectively.

We will continuously assess the risks and make decisions accordingly.  Our client care coordinators are still answering the phones.  We’re still accepting new clients.  You can always expect stellar customer service.

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