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You spoke. We listened.

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Come on get healthy


A few months back, we ran a series on children and the growing issue of obesity.  Many of you reached out and asked how you could help, not only your child, but yourselves.  I heard tales of sadness, helplessness, and frustration.   I also heard the desire to do whatever it takes to help a child and family.

I was an overweight child.  I started ‘dieting’ at age 10 years old and endured years of struggling  to lose weight. My parents did their best to support and encourage me in my process, but looking back, they had no idea what was best.    As an adult, I found my way and have worked to create a program designed to meet the needs of children and their families.

This program is not based so much on weight loss, but more on informing families of choices and helping them to understand the power of choice.  I strongly believe in being physically active and journaling as part of the process.  I also know that overweight children often suffer from low self-esteem, poor self-confidence and body image difficulties.  These things can be changed with support and encouragement.   I’ve combined these elements to  empower your child to enhanced self-esteem, self-love and improved health.



  1.  When will the program start?

We will start July 1, 2016


2.  What am I getting for my money?

Individual coaching sessions

weekly coaching phone calls to counselor to discuss challenges and to get support

an individualized nutritional plan.  You’ll meet with a nutritionist who will design a plan for your child and/or family.  It will be based on your lifestyle, tastes and caloric needs.  The nutritionist will assure that no one is hungry without having options.

Your child will learn how to deal with cravings.

Your child will have increased self-esteem.

Your child will no longer be vulnerable to bullying.

If you follow the program, your family will get healthier.

Group support–children do better when they are with peers who are struggling with the similar concerns.  Being overweight can feel so isolating.  Our support groups will help them to socialize with others at the same time learn evidence based ways to make better choices and feel great about themselves.

All family members will be invited to participate in the free educational programs.  We’ll discuss your greatest concerns and provide you with guidance on how to conquer obstacles to getting healthier.

Each family will get a healthy package including:

Fitbit monitor (one per family)

yoga mat

jump rope

stretch band

3.  What if I’m unable to attend 6 weeks in a row?

No worries, we’ll make sure you get six weeks of service based on what works for you.

4. Where are the meetings and counseling held?

In our office in Newark.  We will also offer services over the internet using a private connection.  This is especially helpful for our families with busy lives.  We’ll arrange a time that works for you!

5.  Who’s eligible?

We’ll work with children 8-18 years old.  You’ll need to show us your doctor’s approval and with your permission, we’ll share our plan with your doctor.  We’ll work as a team

7.  What is the value of this program?

It’s hard to put a value on health.  However, I know that as an overweight child, I became an overweight adult.  Once I decided to make better choices my health changed for the better.  So many adults tell me that had they started at a younger age, they could have avoided years of feeling badly about themselves and prevented weight related, chronic health conditions.   You shouldn’t have to worry about your child being bullied.  You don’t have to feel helpfulness in your child’s happiness.  You can get healthier too.

6.  Who’s on the team?

Lisa R. Savage, LCSW  Lead

Jasmine Wynn, LCSW  Program manager

Nutritionist–to be determined

Jessica Jones, RN,  MSN Nurse consultant

Jessica is a recent graduate of Johns Hopkins University with a master’s in nursing.  She also has a degree and experience in public health.  She’ll serve as our consultant and educator.

7.  Will we lose weight?

We sure hope so.  However, that’s not our primary focus.  Our primary focus is on providing your family with the tools to make healthier choices, feel good and to be more active.   We will provide you with access  to a wonderful online tool that each family member will be able to use to track goals and progress.

8.  Sign me up!

Call our office and speak with Lisa R. Savage, LCSW.  302-292-1334 x1.



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